Some things I found on ebay from Chester's past. (if you have any info on these items, please e-mail.)
Postcard from Sell Pharmacy
Below is an image of the Sell Pharmacy. I hear that this was 'the' place to go in Chester for the kids after high school. It was a real pharmacy, meaning that the pharmacist created the medicines, and didn't just dispense pills. In the back, there were some tables and chairs, and a counter along one side. This location is now the south side of the bank.
Sell Pharmacy in Chester, Nebraska
Here's a label from the Sell Pharmacy.
I'm not sure of the age.
  Medicine Label from Sell Pharmacy in Chester Nebraska
Thayer County Report Card from 1918
Now talk about something going on your permanent record! Here is Flora Murrell's 1st grade report card. Fortunatly, Flora was a good student and doesn't have to worry about seeing her report card on the internet. Her grades were all in the low-mid 90's. She also got excellent grades in "Deportment", and missed only 2 days all year. I was also able to see that Flora graduated in 1930 in a class of 23. So it seems that this report card could be from Alexandria, which is about 26 miles from Chester.
1918 Report Card from Thayer County, Nebraska
1918 Report Card from Thayer County, Nebraska
Check from Chester, Nebraska
Here is a Cashier's Cheque from the "Farmers Bank of Chester" The cashier was Rob Wilson, Jr. (whom I'm guessing was related to the Bank President James Wilson.
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