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What's going on at the school...

December 10, 2009 : The Christmas Light and Sound Show is going now!

November 19, 2008 : Here's some photos of Cindy & Pat setting up the big tree (and others)

November 17, 2008 : Things are rolling right along for the Christmas Light Show

November 13, 2008 : Now we've got a kiln - auctions are great!

October 27, 2008 : We've scored 6 pottery wheels at auction, so look for some classes in the Spring!

October 18, 2008 : The Halloween show is LIVE! Check it out here.

Chester NE Halloween

July 24, 2008 : Buck is enjoying the AC in the office.

July 23, 2008 : It's Cindy's XXth Birthday! YAYYY!

June 21, 2008 : Another wedding is taking place in the gym today. Also, here's another album of photos around the area.

June 17, 2008 : Wow - not a lot news happening at the school these days. I guess the best news (for the town) is the Buck's electric fence is keeping him in the yard these days. Pam has closed her store downtown as well.

April 18 , 2008 : Cindy's Mom says, Mother's Day is coming- better send your Mom a card!

Then she said that you should go buy something for her at
the whole... Kit 'n Kaboodle!
Located in beautiful Downtown Chester!

Tell her that her daughter sent you...

April 2 , 2008 : OK, I know my little April Fool's joke wasn't very funny to some people... but here at the school, we were laughing our asses off!!!!! And to the person that called and wanted to know how much we're selling it for... we'd be interested in talking to you again!

April 1 , 2008 : We are sorry to say that with the new casino being built just outside of town that we are forced to sell the school. We moved from Vegas to get away from that culture and just can't bare to watch this great community fall into decay.
For more information on the sale click here...

Jan. 28 , 2008 : Cindy finishes her commission for 75 bleached shirts. She is now a blond! Thanks Pat for all of your help!

Jan. 23 , 2008 : Construction begins on the basement apartments- 3 bathrooms. One full apartment with a kitchen and one guest apartment... with a bathroom in the common area next to the laundry room and someday to be, new kitchen. Tom and Clint find out that 100 yr. old concrete is pretty hard! -Before-  -Inprogress-

Jan. 20 , 2008 : Cindy works with Jean Crouse and Art Whitton to produce the first of many Artists Photo Reference CD's with books to follow!

Jan. 7 , 2008 : It was a big day! Art hit the road, Cindy got to go shopping, we turned off the Christmas Show, and we ALREADY RAN OUT OF 400 gallons of propane!!!!!! Looks like C&M is going to have a good winter!

Jan. 3, 2008 : Cindy FINALLY posts videos on YouTube!!!!! Yha!!!! And Tom goes on a shopping spree... Heads up Chester Electric! You're going to have a good year!

Dec. 28, 2007 : The response to the light show has been tremendous! We thank everyone for their generous donations to make next year's even better! Here's a photo of the village tonight.

Dec. 25 , 2007 : Pam and Pat join Art and Cindy for Christmas Dinner. It was a relaxing day of cooking and watching TV until Brian and the boys arrive to open gifts and play games.

Dec.18 , 2007 : C&M converted a couple of the furnaces over to propane and we have heat again for the first time this season! YHA!!!!!

Dec.10 , 2007 : Tom scored a new addition to our decorations- it's an "electric pig", in the shape of an animated horse drawn carriage... and VERY cool!!!!

Dec. 7 , 2007 : Tonight was our Lighting Ceremony. We had a nice turn out- Thank you to everyone that showed up to share the experience with us!

Dec. 3 , 2007 : Cindy's Mom, Pam open's Kit 'n Kaboodle, a variety store downtown.
Good Luck, Mom!

Dec. 2 , 2007 : Frames start going up and the light show starts to come together. Cindy returns from her remodeling project in Oklahoma City. They set her up with a nice apartment that the dogs are very pleased with! The only thing that's it's missing, is some furniture... check it out

Nov. 19 , 2007 : Tonight and tomorrow night we are setting up frames, come on by at 7pm and lend a hand. Or drop off your extra mini Christmas lights, working or not. Tom can fix anything! We'll be at it again after the holidays until we're finished too, feel free to drop by any evening!

Nov. 14 , 2007 : There is a Holiday Light Show meeting on Nov. 16th at 7:30pm in the CoC meeting hall.

Nov. 2 , 2007 : We are getting organized for the Wrestling Match next weekend- YHA!!!! The Senior Center will be providing refreshments.

Oct. 31th , 2007 : We had a Live Halloween Show tonight. 10 kids and 3 Farley's showed up to play with us! The turn out was great and I could hear the screams from the hall when the kids went running out at the end. Allen recorded a new ending so Farley and Timmy got to be free, for a while anyway! Timmy is now on permanent detention! Thanks to everyone that helped!!!

Oct. 28th , 2007 : Chester School Pumpkin Toss! Kyle and Brian have a great time while Alex, Daniel, and Cindy get entertained!

Oct. 27th , 2007 : Plans are set for the first wrestling match on Nov. 11th. Jose and the boys are very excited about the event.... they are even trying to talk Cindy into becoming a wrestler too! Art and Tom say they'd pay to see that! Cindy thinks that the boys don't have enough money!

Oct. 24th , 2007 : Cindy starts a big remodel project in Oklahoma City for Vanguard Properties. She will be remodeling the leasing offices and club house. Turning the Westcliff Apartments into the Tuscany Village. It's a large project with some fun and creative elements to it. Lots of faux and some very cool sculpture... and 2 waterfalls in the entryway. Also, some inlaid marble, if its in the budget.

Oct. 13th , 2007 : Opening night of the Chester Haunted School. The turn out was great and the community was very supportive and generous! Art and Pam held the pumpkin carving contest- we had some very creative artist show up to show off their skills.

Oct. 9th , 2007 : Art, Cindy, and Pam take a short drive out to Warren and Eileen Sutton's of Norway, KS to pick pumpkins for the pumpkin carving contest! Thank You Warren for your generosity!!!!!

Oct. 6th , 2007 : The 81 miles on Hwy. 81 got canceled so the CBH artists went to the craft fair in Belvedere instead! It was a huge turn out but we made a great new contact and will be renting the gym out to a wrestling group from Grand Island! I'm excited! Woo Hoo!

Sept. 25, 2007 : Cindy and Tom Russell are planning a light and sound show... the Chester Haunted School, for Halloween! Opening night is Oct. 13th at 7pm

Sept. 12, 2007 : What does a busy artist do when she is trying to save some time? She takes an hour and mows a maze, instead of taking the 2+ hours to mow the whole lot.... then she puts 'start' and 'finish' signs up at either end. She calls it 'Public Art' while the village folk think that her new mower broke.

Sept. 4, 2007 : Brian and Kyle climb up on the roof and clear out the gutters. The new 32' ladder isn't quite long enough to reach the top.

Sept. 1, 2007 : It's a quiet Labor Day Weekend with Art leaving for Miami to bask in the Florida sun (and measure a 4 Diamond Hotel) while Cindy spends all of her money on gutter supplies and a new ladder...

Aug. 2007 : Art decided to take advantage of the recent storms and shoot some photos. Here are a couple from this week - click on the links for images. 'night sky' & 'lightening strike'

Aug. 24, 2007 : Cindy has completed the first order with her T-shirt press - need shirts? Call us! The shirts were for the Sundowner's Poker Run.

Aug. 20, 2007 : Cindy now has a diamond bladed bandsaw to play with - look out!

Aug. 8, 2007 : Cindy rushes home to setup her new toys!!! And move the vinyl cutter, heat press, and computer into the same studio space. More shelving would be VERY handy!

Aug. 7, 2007 : Cindy drives to Waller, TX to pick up her new t-shirt press!!! She is too excited! Although driving through Dallas was exciting, it was not a good excitement, adding a couple of hours to her driving time. Is it too much to ask for decent hwy. signage and courteous drivers!?

Aug. 6, 2007 : Cindy goes to Oklahoma City to consult on a renovation project for Vanguard Properties. Looks like Cindy will be spending some time there over the next several months. (the dogs are VERY excited)

Aug. 5, 2007 : Art leaves for Chattanooga, TN. Off to measure the world!... or an 8 story hotel in Atlanta, anyway... But first a visit to the corporate office. He should be gone for a couple of weeks.

July 23, 2007 : It's Cindy's birthday today! Art took her to dinner and Pam (Cindy's Mom) joined them.

July 21, 2007 : The school gets a new riding mower. Complete with a snow blade and other extras. is a great thing!!!

July 12, 2007 : After unloading 2 (yes, TWO) 26" Penske trucks, we've FINALLY completed the move from Vegas. Now to figure out where everything goes....

July 7, 2007 : The Vegas House sells!!! YHA!!!!!  and not a day too soon!

June 30, 2007 : Cindy gets ready for house guests- Where oh where will everyone sleep during ChesterFest!? And the new pool table arrived this afternoon (thank-you Lana & John! And the guys that moved it upstairs). Cindy will be practicing up on her trick shots with her new pool cue, so watch out boys!

June 29 , 2007 : It's a sad day in Chester! Cindy's hat doesn't work any more and Bob caught the biggest fish!!! Too bad for Bob there wasn't a camera handy so he doesn't get top billing with a photo of his catch. The trip started out jinxed though when Bob hit a deer on the way there. Sorry about your fender Bob! We don't know what happened to the deer- it ran off.

June 27 , 2007 : Cindy started putting together a website for the Center of Creativity... it's not very artistic yet but we have to start somewhere!!!!

June 23 , 2007 :Bob Lamb thought he was going to take Cindy "back to school" and teach her a thing or two about fishing! What he didn't know was that Cindy has a "Lucky Fishing Hat" and he was in for a lesson or two on humility! ...and poor Buck isn't allowed to go anymore, after eating all the bait!

June 18 , 2007 : The School gets a new Titan Tankless Water Heater!!!! The John's from Reynolds came out and installed it. Cindy couldn't be happier! Evidently, the old one wasn't working all that well or the new one is just killer! We'll be replacing them ALL!!!!

June 9, 2007 : Cindy gets motivated to do some painting around the school and details some of the brick in the bathroom mural.

June 5 , 2007 : The Alumni banner comes down and is put in storage. (Thanks Bob for holding the ladder so that Cindy could live to put it back up next year!) Tom Russell was back out mowing the lot a cross the street. (Thanks Tom, I swear, we'll get a mower soon!) ChesterFest is coming up July 14th and Cindy is busy helping with that. Plan to be there!

May 26, 2007 : The Surprise! Cindy painted a huge banner for the front of the school to welcome the Chester Alumni during their homecoming. She also held an open house this Saturday that was well visited. She got to hear some great stories, Bonus!

May 24, 2007 : Cindy installed the new sign on the building and is getting ready for an open house on Sat. There is a big Alumni Banquet across the street in the auditorium that evening (and Cindy has a BIG surprise in store for them). Scott, Kelly and their son Morgan found a place and are moving today as well. The school is just humming with excitement!

May 22, 2007 : Susan, John, and Willard got the yard mowed and edged today. Tom Russell mowed the lot across the street earlier in the week. Cindy tried to look like she was helping by sweeping up the sidewalks. (she was too busy to get pictures)

May 18, 2007 : Cindy arranged to have a sign made for the school (with thanks to Kelley Rathbun of Ellsworth). This will go over the "Public" at the front. She's also working on getting the gym back to Chester colours.

April 29, 2007 : Bob Lamb was kind enough to cut our grass today - "But just this once!" Thanks Bob - we really appreciated it. While Bob cut the grass, Cindy weed-whacked the yard.

March 18, 2007 : Cindy had a public showing of her murals. It was great to see such a turnout on Friday, and we thank everyone that took the time to drop by.

March 12, 2007 : Cindy is finishing up her mural and will be having a showing on Friday. In other news, the long process of stripping decades old paint off the wood trim has begun.

February 16, 2007 : Chester had some more snow over the weekend, and the Cindy got her exercise shoveling the driveway! Meanwhile the Datsun is looking very cold.

January 31, 2007 : Well, Cindy began her 3rd mural project today. A big 27'x24' painting. Also, the bathroom is about finished for now.

January 21, 2007 : After a week that saw three plumbing related floods in the school and a foot of snow and the rink being ruined by kids, Cindy is still happy in Chester. She's also working on a project to convert one of the 'girls rooms' into to a bathroom with a tub and shower.

January 1, 2007 : Happy New Year to everyone who visits this site. We made another attempt at filling the rink again today, and I think this time it's going to work. Now we just need some freezing temperatures.

December 29, 2006 : On Christmas Eve, we were featured in the Lincoln Journal-Star. They wrote a two page article and placed 5 photos in it. Here's a link to the text part.

December 27, 2006 : Well Christmas is over, and our guests have left. It was a goal to celebrate Christmas in the school and we did it! We had a great time caroling in the horse drawn hay wagon on the 23rd. We had a fabulous time at Christmas, and a great meal. Photos should be up soon.

Lisa Segrist wrote to let me know that her Grandmother Doris Segrist (nee: Woodward) was born in Chester in 1906. She's celebrating her 100th birthday party in Orange, California. Here's a link to an article about this former Chester Resident. About 100 people will attend her birthday party including most of her family... 4 children, 9 grand children, 12 great-grand children and 2 great-great grandchildren.

Today I heard from Stephen Schlife who wrote "I loved the pictures and that you are keeping this beautiful building. My mother taught kindergarten for years and loved all the kids so much. I remember when she would drive to Lincoln for teacher's convention and buy a car full of material, which I later found out that she knew there would be no reimbursement for. This was done year after year and I am so proud of her commitment to her students."

December 22, 2006 : Cindy finished her mural today! Scott, Kelly and their son Morgan are arriving today, then another Scott, another Cindy and I arrive tomorrow. Things are ramping up for Christmas at the school.

December 19, 2006 : Thanks to Susan, Mike and a few others (including the fire dept), the rink was set up. Jean came by and took a photo.

December 18, 2006: Not much going on, other the ice rink going up and Cindy working on her mural.

December 8, 2006 : The Krahls have moved out, and Cindy's friend Kelly and her family will been moving in soon.

November 30, 2006 : Cindy, Kelly, Shauna and Ambi are now settling into the school and bracing themselves for the Nebraska winter. Art's back in Vegas trying to sell the house. From what I hear, it's getting a little cool there now.

October 30, 2006: After a couple of nice warm days, the wind came down from Canada bringing its icy cold fingers with it. Still it was nice and clear. Here's a shot from the east of Chester looking towards the village.

October 29, 2006: Another great day - and warmer! Kelly, Shauna and Ambi should be here tomorrow. Pam wants a photo of her house posted, so you can see it here.

October 28, 2006: What a great day today. The temperature warmed up, it was sunny - just too bad the Huskers lost. But when a day ends like this, you just gotta love it.

October 26, 2006: Things are quiet right now. It got a little colder and little more rain has been falling, plus I haven't been out as much. In the meantime, here's some Chester items I found on ebay lately. Also, here's a couple of more links I was told about today: The "CHB Alumni" page (Chester-Hubbell-Byron) and their photo album page.

October 15, 2006: Well, the races got rained out, so that was kind of a wasted trip. I've posted a small album of photos of Fairbury - a larger town about 30 miles away.

October 14, 2006: I have an action packed weekend ahead. Tonight, the Huskers play K-State (bar specials!) and tomorrow I hope to make the races up at McCool, then a legacy meeting back in Chester.

October 12, 2006: It's been cooling off the past couple of days (~40oC), it's not too bad yet. Should be warming up soon. In the meantime, still blue skies and great people!

October 7, 2006: I went down to Belleville this afternoon as they were having an "Autumn Festival". I got there wa-a-a-y too early, so wandered around and took photos.

October 5, 2006: It was such a great day that I drove around and took some more photos. These were shot east of Chester about 8-10 miles along the back roads and the extinct town of Williams, Nebraska. View it. Also, we're in the paper today.

October 5, 2006: I have the first album posted. It's a bunch of snapshots of town which should give you a good idea of how great this village is. View it

October 4, 2006: I'm online now, and starting to get settled in. The landscape out here is beautiful, the people are great and the school awesome. I hope to have some photos of the town posted soon. Wow - this place is big.

September 18, 2006: The school is finally paid for. We begin moving most of our stuff this weekend - that Adventure begins!

July 25, 2006: Well, we're back from Chester and got Mom all moved in. We planned the trip around "Chesterfest" the annual party, and had a great time! Met lots of people, good food, music and fireworks.

July 8, 2006: Wow, the time is flying! This week we will be moving Cindy's Mom out to Chester, then staying in Oklahoma for a week or two. Part of the plan it to be in Chester for Chesterfest. Stay tuned for more stories as we get ready to leave Las Vegas and move to the great midwest.



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